Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The "As if we were Married" Certificate

So we're a few steps closer to securing the visa!

We got the contract that I mentioned in a few other entries. It says that we promise to plan to get married eventually, and we must live "as if we were married" and that Alexandre's responsible for me if I do anything illegal in Brazil. It'll be good for 2 years, at which point we may have to get married for real. We joked that we should celebrate "as if it were a honeymoon," but then we just bought milkshakes instead.

But of course, when we took everything to the stupid immigration guy (described before.... the one with the gold chains and the limp), so convinced that we were FINALLY finished, he informed us that we actually weren't done, and needed more stuff from the US. UGHHHHHHH! His rationale? "I told you it was complicated."

Alexandre is much better than I am at not losing it with asshole people who get just a little bit of authority and go nuts with it, and still manage not to get any work done. I started getting lippy--"Well, sir, it wouldn't be complicated if you actually knew what--" but Alexandre talked over me to prevent any regrettable confrontations. We just have to suck it up and do what this guy says and proverbially kiss his feet until I have the papers I need.

Then we can slash his tires.

Although the timing isn't great, I've got to start planning my trip home, even though I don't know what's happening with the visa. I'll be there tentatively from Dec. 9th - Jan 3rd. Maybe Dec. 15th. Yay!

And now is the time that I ask for donations! Remember that your money goes much farther than mine does for this plane ticket. If you were planning on buying me a Christmas present, you can contribute to this ticket home instead. :)

Boo. I grew up on the border with Mexico. I'm not used to being on the expensive side of the currency. It's so annoying! But at least reais aren't pesos, right?

Mark your calendars!


  1. Danielle,

    Alexandre is a smart men, and surely knows that in Brazil you have to "dance according" to the music to get things done!



    Your coming home



    Did you get a ring at least??? (Hint Hint Alex)

    I love you

  3. What's wrong with your coolest aunt didn't she read you just got a milkshake. Great you're making tempory plans for a visit and hope everything is okay with the visa by then. But you know what I always tell your mom you get more with honey than vinegar, even. no, especially as you are dealing with a jerk. I know sometimes it's hard to bite your tongue. Has Alex heasrd anymore about Greece. Love you both xoxoxox

  4. As hard as it is, you have to bite your tongue. Trust me, I've got a swollen tongue with all the biting I was doing with the insurance companies for Nanny. Ugh. But when it's said and done...SLASH. SLASH. Just wait until it's legal so you don't get any bad karma :) When I pick you up at the airport, I'll bring you a TB quesadilla (extra jalepeno sauce) an enchirito, and, of course, Madison. You can dream about that until you get here.
    Love to both,

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