Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Big Storm

Before I tell you about the storm (literal title!), I have to tell you that in the battle with the boss, I won! He decided to let me just drop those 2 classes, and he already has another teacher lined up. Convenient! Ass. I think I'll stick with the school until the end of the year, and quit before the new semester starts if the private classes continue to pick up. :D

Speaking of winners, Alexandre won best presentation at the medical conference yesterday! :D :D He was so great and professional and passionate when he was explaining his board and his research to the evaluators. (I was watching from a few feet away... I really wanted to take a picture of him, but I didn't want to embarrass him.) But then he won (out of about 40 people, including older residents!) and got some nice certificates and stuff. :D So smart! When he came home from schmoozing that afternoon, he had his poster board.... and a bunch of fancy yogurt that he stole from the free food area. Haha. The transition into adulthood takes time.

Yes, so, the storm. Yesterday was annoyingly hot. (Remember that we're in opposite seasons, and heading into summer, and we're 8 hours away from any ocean.) But (because this is the tropics), suddenly, around 10pm, the temperature dropped rapidly and this crazy wind started up and was slamming all of our window panels open and shut. And then the rain came. It was so strong and loud that it sounded like hail. The poor cat was in a panic. We had to shut up all the windows to keep our stuff from getting wet. The problem was that the apartment still hadn't cooled down from the very hot day, so it was.... stuffy. Gross. Still hot. And to make matters worse, the power went out as we were getting ready for bed! Our little standing fan, our only source of relief from the heat, slowed to a stop. Though the air was crazy outside, it was humid and still inside. We couldn't open the bedroom window on account of the rain. Torture!

So. We got creative. We opened the balcony door just enough to get some air into the dining room (where the balcony is). We moved the dining room table into the living room, and then picked up our top mattress and moved it to the dining room, close to the breeze. This helped us sleep, but had dire consequences ....!

Ew ew ew ew ewew ewewwweweeewew

One of these made it into our apartment. I stole this pic from the internet...I would argue that the one here was bigger. I know I exaggerate about the size of insects, but this time, I swear I'm not! (Alexandre just came over to see the picture, and he said "no, ours was bigger!" See.) It probably would've caused Danette to have a heart attack.

We woke up around 6am to realize that the power had turned back on. To escape the growing light, we decided to move the bed back to the bedroom. I turned on the bedroom light... and saw the HUGE MOTH spread out on the top of the (thankfully closed) laundry basket. I didn't have my glasses on, so I wasn't 100% sure it was a moth... "Maybe just a dirty sock?" I thought to myself. But then I called Alexandre into the room to verify. But our lens perscriptions are almost the same, and he is more foolish without his glasses than I am without mine. He leaned up really close to it to see.

"NOSSA!" he shouted, which is like "JESUS!", but in Portuguese, and jumped back. We both tried to move as far away from it as we could while still keeping an eye on it in case it decided to attack.

"Maybe we could get the cat to kill her?" He said, giving the moth a gender that it didn't deserve. (Remember that he did the same thing with the snake... a cobra, a mariposa...)

"No. It would probably kill the cat. But also maybe she won't catch it and it'll fly into the closet or something. You have to kill it."

"How do you want me to kill it? It's bigger than my shoe."

"Yeah, and it would make a textbook dirty. Hey, I have an idea! You can catch it with a towel. There. Pronto. Solved. " Solved for me, at least. I wasn't getting any closer to that thing. I was playing the gender card for this one. I walked off to the kitchen to get some water, and left Alexandre to fend for himself against the giant mutant moth. (I'm the worst girlfriend ever.)

I heard him sigh dramatically, and then a pause (apparently while he was looking for a towel), and then I heard "ughhhh eewgyuugugughhhhhh" and his feet stomping quickly across the apartment to the balcony. Then he came running into the kitchen.

"Oh my god Da that was so disgusting, nossa, she was really strong! She was fighting against the towel and I could hear her making all these noises like--"

"EW no no stop don't tell me about the noises!" I writhered around and shuddered a little at the thought of the monster killer moth noises and movements.

He saw a prime opportunity for teasing. "Oh Da it was making noises like plewpoewlewpwelw--" he started making all these gross sounds and tickling me-- "and I could feel it moving my hands!"

"Nooooo stop ohmygod ok fine you're the biggest strongest sexiest man ever, and you saved my life from the deadly mutant moth! I can never repay you for such a debt!"

He smiled, victorious, and stopped tickling. "Thank you, my lady!" he said, with an attempt at a British English accent. But it came out as "donk ew, mah lede!" ...At least the tickling had stopped.

By this time, it was too late for Alexandre to go back to sleep (he had a class at 7:20), so he started getting ready for school. But I, on the other hand, have gotten out of all my morning classes, and today was my first day without the Tu/Th class, so I got to go back to bed! Ha... ha. After a fitful stormy night on the dining room floor and a near-death encounter with a robotic alien moth, sleeping in the dark bedroom with the now-working fan with the sound of a calmer rain against the window was a welcome relief.


  1. Congrats to Alex....

    I love you

  2. Oh you poor dear and how brave of that handsome prince to save you. It's a wonder you didn't faint away from the size of it. Not very chivalrous of him to try to make you listen to those haunting sounds of a dying moth.Did he step on it or let it go. because it might be waiting somewhere to attack you. Oh well back to 2008 . You'll get over it.

    Congratultions to Alex on his presentation. I'm sure he'll be a fine doctor in whatever field he chooses to follow.

    Love you both Nanny xoxoxox

  3. UGH!!! I hate bugs. Tell Alex I said congratulations on his presentation. He is spectacularrrr. (SP reference) Also tell him thank you for protecting my little girl.
    My love to both of you,

    by the way, it has been crazy hot at Nanny's house as well. I might as well have stayed at home. At least I have an air conditioner.

  4. My God Danielle there's NO pleasing your MOther. I let her come to my nice cool house 5 miles from the ocean and she gripes about that. Seriously though it was hot here. and she can just put on the air conditioning. But it wasn't hot enough for giant moths. Love you again

  5. i teared up in terror just looking at that picture. i had to scroll away from it.


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