Friday, October 10, 2008

Fogado, etc.

So Portuguese has a great word that I just can't find a nice translation for. The word is "fogado." (Don't look in your dictionary: it'll tell you "cooked" or "baked" or something. This meaning is slang.) It's kind of like "lazy" and "bratty" combined. Here are some examples:

"My husband woke me up to iron his clothes for him before work. He is so fogado."-My student

A certain nameless roommate leaves his dirty dishes in the sink and expects us to wash them. He can be very fogado.

Danielle (reading in bed): My love, my sweet, mi vida, mi cielo, could you please possibly get me some water?
Alexandre: Sure, of course!

The next night:
Alexandre (lying on the couch): Hey meu amor, could you bring me some water?
Danielle: You get it. You think just because I'm the woman I have to be your slave?
Alexandre: Fogada!

So if those examples enlighten you with any English translations, please let me know! I'm sure, however, that even if you can't think of a word, you can certainly think of a person in your life who could be described as "fogado/a." ;)

In other news, next week is "Semana do Sacocheio" (I don't know if that spelling is correct; I've only heard it spoken), which is Brazilian Spring Break. Some schools celebrate it, and some don't. My job is closing for the week; Alexandre's school isn't. (Luck of the draw!) So that means that next week, I'll only have the classes at home, and not even all of them, because one of my students has the week off from HER school and is going home to visit her parents. Also, the engineers are going to their engineering conference in Italy (the reason they started English classes in the first place). So it looks like it'll be a pretty slow week for me. I think I'll only work about 5 or 6 hours at most. Enough time to go buy some new clothes... my dress pants are all too big for me now. ;P

In not-so-good news, this "financial crisis" isn't faring well for my trip home for the holidays. For reasons that I don't completely understand (since I copied all of George's tests when we took microeconomics in high school, a decision that I am now regretting), the Brazilian real is losing value against the American dollar, even though it's the American market that's having all the problems. It's been going up and down, but if it stays on this track, it'll be almost 3 reais to 1 dollar when I try to buy my ticket home. (When I got here in April, 1.6 reais was 1 dollar.) That means the ticket is almost twice as much as I predicted it would be; it means everything will be three times more expensive for me when I'm back in the US. But, on the flip side, every dollar that you guys give to me is like giving me 3 DOLLARS. Eh? Eh?

It's even worse for Alexandre, who still has his trip to Europe sort-of lined up. (For those of you that don't know, he was chosen to go to Greece for an internship/exhange thing, which is the reason we have Najib staying in our house this month. We give him room and board; Alexandre gets free room and board in Greece.) But he still hasn't gotten any information about which hospital he'll be at, or who he'll be staying with. The program is unorganized, and the Euro is even more expensive than the dollar. He hasn't bought his ticket to Greece yet, so, as far as I'm concerned, there's still a chance (albiet a tiny chance)... that he can buy a ticket to go to America with me. [huffs and pouts and acts fogada]

I guess that's it for now. We're going to visit Alexandre's parents this weekend; we're signing our last visa papers on Monday. More updates soon!


  1. I can think of a few people I could use that word with, but I won't go there. :) Enjoy your week off work. Read, play with Garbage, download a bunch of new shows when you get to Alex's parents' house and watch them. Everything is just restarting for the new fall season so you should have a few episodes to watch. We'll figure out the money situation for your trip here at Christmas. Don't worry too much about it. Tell Alex to be a squeaky wheel about his trip to Greece. That is ridiculous they haven't told him anything yet. Good luck with the Visa. I'm sure it will all work out. Have a great time at the in-laws' house. I will try calling you Wed next week. I'm leaving Thurs for my test on Fri.
    Love to both of you,

  2. you forgot to mention when Alex was lying on the couch he had 104 temperature.and what Grandad would have said to me ws You miserable cow. (That's fogado) Just joking. But your explainations did give me a giggle.
    You know dear you have to take the good with the bad, wherever you live or travel to. We had the money exchange thing everytime we visited England. and it was hard to get used to. You just pay up and look good in the end and enjoy yourself.
    Hope Alex works out his stay in Greece (Be better if he came here)But whatever he really needs to know something doesn't he?
    Love you and the best of British Luck with your visa.

  3. Danielle,

    Please confirm with Alexandre but I think the word is "folgado", you must have forgot to type the L.



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