Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Mariah Confession

Tonight we went to a bar with some people from Alexandre's school. It was super fun. I had one (too many) capirinha(s) (it only takes one of those) and Alexandre had to drive me home while I whined about how I wanted an AMPM hot dog. He took me to a real-life AMPM! They actually have them in Brazil, AND they had real-life AMPM hot dogs. Oh man.

So then I came home and put cheese and honey on my hot dog (yay) and we were flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a MARIAH CAREY TELEVISED CONCERT. I have casually mentioned to Alexandre in the past that I "really liked Mariah Carey when I was young," and kinda left it at that. But with a capirinha under my belt and Mariah on TV, everything came spilling out. Come on, she was singing "Vision of Love!" So then I started telling him about how it was her first single and how she was married to her producer and once they divorced she went down the R&B road and got cada vez mais pior, to which he told me I can't say "mais pior" and also "what?? How do you know that about her?"

So then I was singing ALLLLLLL the songs and he couldn't believe that I knew them. He was saying things like "I didn't know you had such a dark past" and "I would never have guessed" and "I had such plans and dreams for us, amore..." How mean! Mariah is so cheesy and ridiculous, but she was an important part of my life. Her songs are generally optimistic and motivational and if I had a kid, I would want her to listen to something like that rather than "let's bang in the club"-type music. Besides, he listened to Bon Jovi and The Backstreet Boys. So.

Mariah was so nice!

"It's a long road when you face the world alone and no one reaches out a hand for you to hold.... you can find love if you search within yourself, and the emptiness will disappear! And then a hero comes along with the strength to carry on! And you cast your fears aside because you know you can survive!"

Come on.

But he didn't ask to break up, so I guess that's good. He just went to bed and asked me to keep the volume low on the TV. Fair.

Ha. Haha.


  1. hahahahahah Such fond memories....
    Mariah Carey Butterfly!!!!
    I still have the butterfly belt you gave to Bayleigh.
    You are like a poster child for sobriety.
    I love you
    thanks for the memories

  2. sigh. you ALWAYS downplay it to people now. even I cant PERSONALLY go anywhere and hear a mariah song over a store loudspeaker without immediately knowing the song and all the words within the first 2 notes.

    i will hate you forever and ever.


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