Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Week as a Housewife

So this week, I haven't had any students because of the Brazilian spring break. Coincidentally, this is also Alexandre's most difficult week of the semester-- he's right snack in the middle of his pediatrics unit, which means he has to drive to a children's hospital every day and he's not allowed to sleep in or skip any classes. The residents in peeds (term I stole from Grey's) also keep the students for the maximum amount of time that a class can be. Grr! That leaves me with nothing to do really, except clean the house.

I've been so wonderfully productive, despite the fact that it's 95 degrees in our apartment and we don't have an air conditioner:

I'll spare you the details, because I always remember this story we had to read for a practice AP English test during our junior year. In the story, the man had a very boring life, and he wrote what he did at every minute of every day, except it was nothing substantial. I think the writer of that short story predicted the future of blogging.

I will tell you about an... interesting conversation I had with our temporary roommate while I was mopping:

Roommate: At our house, we have to do that every day, but the house is much bigger. Like three times this size.

Me: Oh really? That sucks. Did you guys have to help? Or was it just your mom?

Roommate: Oh. Well my mom and my sister.

Me: Not you [or your 3 brothers]?

Roommate: No. What? Just my sister, because she is not married.

Me: [you're not married.] ... I see.
Here's a picture of the roommate and Alexandre from the night we had authentic (kind of) Israeli food. Alexandre didn't like the picture because he wasn't wearing a shirt, so I made him one in Paint:
He still doesn't like it because "it's Argentina's colors!" I just chose the colors without thinking, and unwittingly made him a San Diego Chargers jersey. Just for you, Auntie Tammy! Ha.

I've also had the last couple of days to explore my camera's memory card. Here are some pictures that got lost in the shuffle:
This is how the cat sleeps... I call it "playing dead."

This is a nice tree in our neighborhood that loses lots of pretty white flowers. Notice the little grey Fiat. I HATE little Fiats. For me, a little old Fiat can be translated as "a piece of crap car that is going to drive in front of me REALLY slow and eff up all the traffic and it'll be impossible for me to pass because the cars in the other lanes are going so much faster but 'loo loo loo I'm just a dumb Fiat driver who is always completely oblivious to the world around me!' RAAR phew."

This is for Danette and Ashleigh (though I don't think Ashleigh reads this):

And here's another candid shot of the cat:
And here's one of us being silly, just for your enjoyment:
And, the videos you've all been waiting for (or at least the videos that Auntie Tammy's been waiting for)... the cat and her laser pen!!



Enjoy! More updates soon!


  1. I'm glad you're having a semi-relaxing week. (I'm sorry Alex is having his busiest one). The new roommate... what can you say? That's probably why he doesn't do his own dishes. He figures you're the girl, you'll do them. (I mean, you're not married. :) I love Alex's paint shirt. Garbage is soooo cute. The second video is a little dark though. I can hardly see it. (I'm sure Nanny can with her new eyes.) I'll call you tomorrow.
    Love to you both,

  2. hncohpwqEnjoyed the blog. But that poor cat is going to be as crazy as a loon. I believe those laser can be quite harmful also so be careful with the cat.As for your room mate. you need to tell him that in America he's known as a male chauvinist Love you both Nanny xoxoxo

  3. Ok 3rd time I am trying to write on this....AAARRRRGGGG!



    I love Alex's Charger Jersey!!!!! I laughed so hard I was crying.
    *** Chargers won over the weekend. Woo-Hoo!!!

    Question: Does the pig, oops, man, oops, boy plan to marry? I am not aware of the culture in Brazil, but would the women there find someone like that attractive? I am mistified. Women are and should be treated like, a princess. Maybe you can educate him while he is there. Secon thought might not be enough time.

    I will forward the info about the hotpockets to Ashleigh you know she never reads your blog because you can't see it from myspace. hahaha

    I LOVE that kitty. And I don't even like cats. You need to make sure you have a white background to make the videos better but too funny.

    Ok lastly this is my shot at the kitty captions:



    #3 NOOOEZ.... sniv sniv sniv

    Love to you

  4. Danielle,

    I think part of your roomate's exchange student experience should be learn how in the "west", men, like your aunt very well pointed, treat women like princess, not slaves or maids, the worse case scenario should be equal chores...
    Make him clean the floors and dishes, that will be an interesting experience for him to describe to the women back in his country.


  5. I realize you get a ton of comments, but I wanted to thank you for your blog!!!!!!!!

    I also lived in Orange County for some time, went to school in N. Cal (U.C.D.) and have met a wonderful Brasilian man. Now I have been searching the possibility of living in Sao Paulo.....your blog has given me hope. THANK YOU!

    I will continue to search through your blog for great tips and helpful advice!



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