Monday, October 20, 2008


1. On Friday I went to a free city concert by the dam with my student/friend Priscilla, her brother, and her brother's wife. It was a concert with 3 different famous artists (1 group and 2 individual people that all played together). I can't remember the names of the people-- just one of the singers, because her name was Daniela Mercury and that was understandably easy to remember. She's apparently pretty big in the Brazilian dance/carnival scene. She's from the same part of Brazil as Alexandre's mom, so it was strange to hear a voice like hers saying so many bad words.

It was fun music for a live show, but probably not something I'd listen to in the car. It was definitely a strange experience being the only person in the audience of a good 5,000 people who didn't know the words. I remember once learning about this thing called "collective unconsciousness," or "a reservoir of the experiences of our species," and if that wasn't it, I don't know what is.

Videos of Daniela Mercury are here and here. The chorus of the second song just says "zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom bap bap!" over and over, and is one of the most torturous things to get stuck in your head. Poor Alexandre hates this song and now I have my own weapon for teasing! Muahahhaa. It is, however, pitiful compared to his teasing aresnal. Sigh.

2. I found this wonderful website called that's a dream come true for ESL teachers. It has literally hundreds of recorded interviews about a variety of topics with a combination of native speakers and non-native speakers. The best parts are that the interviews aren't scripted (so they use natural speech with "like" and "um"), and they have downloadable versions and accompanying PDF lesson plans and quizzes. I spent like 6 hours on Sunday preparing lessons using their activities combined with my textbooks. If any of you reading this blog are ESL teachers OR learners, you have to check out elllo!

3. All of the Brazilian news right now is talking about this girl who was held hostage by her boyfriend and killed 3 days later. She was only 16. It's one of those stories that is obviously tragic but that does not warrant 24-hour news coverage, and yet the channels still find a way to report it constantly, showing the same pictures and video clips and interviews over and over. The news is the same in every country.

4. We had a time change, so now I'm another hour ahead of you guys. When you have YOUR time change, you'll fall back, so soon we'll be another hour apart. I had an unusually high amount of sun this year. :)

5. The temporary roommate suddenly up and left last week, 2 weeks early. He decided he was bored here in our city and wanted to go travel around Brazil. He lost his credits for the internship and didn't say goodbye to his girlfriends-- just the one who gave him a ride to the bus station. The other girls kept calling asking for him, and we had to explain that yes, he was gone, no, we didn't know where, and no, we didn't think he'd be coming back. Kind of a weird situation, but at least I've got my classroom back, and we've got our apartment to ourselves again!

6. I got my plane ticket! I'll be home on December 8th! :D :D :D


  1. ok so no offense to the singers you saw or the great web site you found or that your roommate is gone...
    But all I read was BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH and then....



    I love you can't wait to see you

  2. OMG that was totally the CD I was going to get you for Christmas. At least you're not having to watch ads about all this election crap here. 15 more days. I'm glad the roommate is finally gone. Now that your back to work, you'll need your classroom. You know I can't wait to see you!!!!! I know you're going to your sister first, but remember who the mom is!! That title entitles me to the most time with you!!!! To Danette (when you read this) don't forget to bring her taco bell when you pick her up at the airport.
    Love to both of you,

    (tell Alex if he changes his mind about going to Greece, he is always welcome here :)

  3. Wow. That roomate sounds like a douche and a half. At least he's gone. What was he trying to be, a surgeon? Awesome.

  4. i read nancy's comment as "nanny" and was like "did nanny just say 'a douche and a half'?" got it.
    if you want taco bell i will get it. if you want something else i will get it. its also like, morning, when you get in..... so we could always go GET it after luncthime, after you napped, or whatever.


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