Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back to Blogging

All right, all right. I've made a goal to start blogging more. It's good for my brain and my emotional well-being and all that.

I thought about making this post about general updates but I don't really have that much to say. 2014 coasted along and things went well overall. I'm still teaching and translating, going to the gym, spending most of my free time at home with Alexandre and Gatinha.

One thing that marked the year was that a fellow American living here in Brazil lost her Brazilian husband suddenly to illness. I actually did write a long blog post about that but I just felt like the tone wasn't coming out right and I never published it. I might go back to it.

Let me go through my pictures to remind myself of what else went on:

For Carnival, we went to a great beach called Maresías with a huge group of Alexandre's co-workers and stayed in this fancy mansion. Since it was cloudy in the afternoons, I went running a couple of times with one of our friends. One day, we matched on accident:

It was a World Cup year! Gatinha stole the show:

We went to a lot of World Cup game parties/barbecues:

And we also went to a lot of weddings this year (it's the age):

In July, I visited fellow blogger and friend Jim. We didn't get any pictures, but we did get a lot of talk-until-your-jaws-hurt time in!

I've been running pretty regularly this year; I did an 8k even though I was really sick (because I'd paid, damnit!). I didn't get a very good time (1:02), but I've run the same distance since then and my best time has been 55 minutes.

it was on a dirt path, as you can see by my legs and shoes.

In October, I officially finished paying off my student loans (in reais, no less), and I drank a whole bottle of wine to celebrate.

very happy on the Friday, hung over on the Saturday

In November, I went to Salvador with the MIL to go to Alexandre's cousin's wedding. Alexandre didn't come because he had a big test soon after for a competitive fellowship. (He got in and is going to start next month, which is very exciting and important for him!) The wedding was beautiful and I loved seeing Alexandre's Bahia family again.

in which I learn about the Northeastern/morena technique of toca hair straightening

guess who the foreigner is
we stayed in a super fancy hotel the night before the wedding

I got some quality time with the bride :)

I officially opened my own company, which has really helped me get more translation clients, since so many of them need official receipts for their companies/grants.

My friend Mary came to visit again at the end of the year, and we went to Ubatuba and Ilha Grande. Expect a post soon about the trip!

All right, not the most interesting of return posts, but it's a start.


  1. Hi Danielle! I'm glad you're blogging again! I found your blog when I moved to Brazil last September and I've enjoyed reading lots of your posts. I've found lots of them insightful, helpful and humorous! x

  2. Glad you are well Danielle, and if this posts twice, be assured I checked and am probably just blind. :-). As others have said, it's good to see you back. You guys take care. :-)

  3. hey Danielle! I am trying to find an American English teacher here in Santa Catarina. Do you know anyone who is living in Itajai, Balneario Camboriu or Itapema?
    Please email me if you know any contact, I would really appreciate that,

  4. Gatinha is MY cat! We call our kitty Gatinha too although her real name is Zelda (What else would a 9 year old boy name her but after a video game character!)

    Great to see you are back at blogging. I'm working up the courage (shrugging off the laziness) to publish over 103 drafts (almost 2 years of posts from when I was living off-grid).
    Take a peek!


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