Good Posts

This is a collection of popular posts (and of posts that I personally am proud of).

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The Funny Ones

Just a Few Car Problems
Aerobics Class Disaster
Culture Clash: Spring Cleaning
O, Christmas Tree
I Make Old People Cry
A Night at the Theatre
Small-Town Traffic Laws
Trying to Take the Bus
My First Encounter with the Grandmother-in-Law
Learning to Buy Meat in Brazil
Shopping for the Formatura (graduation)

         The Moth Saga
         The First Epic Moth Battle
         The Moth in My Bed (i.e., why I am traumatized)
         The First Moth in the Stairwell
         Prepping for Bug Season
         Moth Invasion 2010
         Alexandre Saves me
         The Final Battle (i.e., I am victorious against the moth

The Nice Ones

My Second Christmas in Brazil
Our First Braziliversary
Our Second Braziliversary
Making Friends, Finally
The Bahia Family
Being Accepted by the In-Laws
Sampa Querida - I Love Sao Paulo
Our First Day with Gatinha

The Rant-y Ones

Gym Girl
Party at the Gyno's
I Hate American Action Movies
I Hate UFC
I Hate Dumb Ignorant People Who Don't Know Anything About the US
There are Bitchy Girls Everywhere
American Missionaries in Brazil
Brazilian English Teaching Needs Some Work
Arguing about English with Brazilian English Teachers
No, I will not Buy Victoria's Secret for You
Just One of Those Days...

Vacations and Day Trips

Serra da Canastra, Minas Gerais
The Barretos Rodeo (don't go)
The Corn Festival
Foz do Iguaçu - Brazilian Side 2009
Home to California
The Lake Place and the Mandioca Festival
São Paulo my first time with Alexandre
Salvador, Bahia
Foz do Iguaçu - Argentina Side 2010
Small Town Hiking Adventure
Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, Argentina
My friend Kristin's details on planning our stay in Buenos Aires
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
São Paulo with Alexandre, Bruno, and Ellen
São Paulo with Jamie and Bruna
The Beach House, The São Paulo coast-- December 2010

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